AP / Advanced Art

AP and Advanced art students build on their previous art making experience to develop a personal concentration on which they spend the year developing a personal body of work.

2D Art

Throughout the year, 2D art students explore a variety of mixed media processes, a range of contemporary artists' works, and utilize the art principles of design to realize a variety of personal themes in their artworks.

3D Art

3D art students explore a variety of media and materials from paper mache to ceramic to mixed and site specific installation. Art students view the work of contemporary sculptors in an effort to gain an understanding of how the art principles of design are applied in order to inform their own art making practice.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Portfolio displays projects, done traditionally and digitally, that are text based, page designs, logos and colour based collage compositions.

Digital & Advanced Photography

The Advanced Photography Portfolio displays photographs that feature a range of compositional priorities, like light, framing, minimalism, reflections, and a range of creative digital manipulations.

AP 2D / Digital

The AP 2D Digital Portfolio displays a range of photographic artwork that may also incorporate a creative array of mixed media and digital manipulations.


During this course, our young filmmakers build on the fundamentals of photography to gain an understanding of composition which then leads into an exploration of shots, angles, and movements in filmmaking. Through the elements of story-boarding, students work through the creative process to create short films in several artistic genres.

Drawing & Digital

The Drawing & Digital Portfolio displays a range of drawing based works, including doodles, rendering from observational, digitally coloured works and portraiture.